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Vacation Bible School Raised Over $2,800

At the annual meeting of the West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church in June, with the help of her Vacation Bible School-mates one young girl used her limited resources to help fulfill a great need.

Kara Russell, who has supported the children of Haiti through ICC for more than half of her 12 years of life, spent the last year selling homemade suckers stamped with International Child Care’s logo. She saved up the proceeds and set them aside to be donated at the ICC-sponsored VBS in Lakeside, OH. In the recent years, Kara has similarly created Christmas ornaments, candies, and the like to sell in honor of the children served through International Child Care. In fact, even before she was old enough to participate in the annual VBS, Kara was eager to help the children in Haiti and began fundraising with her older sibling.

Kara at Hoover Auditorium

After learning about Haiti’s devastating 2010 earthquake and the children who have been affected at Grace Children’s Hospital, the VBS kids canvassed Lakeside and collected donations from the conference attendees. Equipped with bright red work aprons (generously donated by Lowe’s Home Improvement), Kara and the kids raised over $2,800 by the end of the 3-day VBS.

VBS presentation at Hoover

We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of all the donors who made this collection possible, and very proud of Kara and her friends. Several of the other children were so excited to help the children of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, they’ve already started fundraising for next year’s VBS.

We are also grateful to the West Ohio Conference UMC, who has faithfully supported ICC, and we look forward to many more years of VBS to come!

VBS boys holding hands

(Photos courtesy of West Ohio Conference UMC)