International Child Care
Health and wholeness for children and families in empowered communities


Child to Child

At International Child Care, we believe that children can be real and effective partners in missions. To encourage this, we developed the Child to Child mission curriculum to help children become “mission minded” as they follow God’s call to serve others in love. Read more »

Child Vaccinations

One of the main initiatives carried out by International Child Care is child inoculation. ICC has a leading role in the prevention and cure of tuberculosis through the national TB program, and inoculates against other highly contagious childhood diseases including diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio and measles.

Earthquake Response

The earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010 forever changed the nation of Haiti, but it only strengthened International Child Care's commitment to the people of Haiti. Read more »

Grace Children's Hospital

Grace Children’s Hospital is the flagship ministry of International Child Care, serving children with tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, and other diseases

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Healthy Births

ICC hopes to provide every expecting mother in our program area with a healthy birth kit that will protect her and the newborn against the common causes of death during the delivery process, and to involve the mother and child in a Sante Fanmi, a Health Family, of neighbors, relatives and professionals who will work to ensure the child will grow up healthy.

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HIV/AIDS is the greatest health crisis our world faces today. In Haiti, more than 200,000 people are living with HIV/AIDS – that's 3.8% of the population. Since the mid 1990s, Grace Children´s Hospital has provided medical support and counseling to patients living with HIV. Read more »

Hygiene - Sanitation - Clean Water

ICC health workers know that education about the importance of drinking clean water is vital. In rural areas, where public water is not available, International Child Care digs wells to provide potable water for entire communities.

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In-Kind Gifts

International Child Care makes every effort to purchase items locally to stimulate the economies in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. We also try to keep our costs down by avoiding expensive overseas shipment when possible, but we do accept gifts of healthy birth kits, personal care kits, handmade gowns, and cloth diapers for the children at Grace Children's Hospital. Read more »

Integrated Community Health

Empowering an entire community to care for the health of its children is powerful, effective and sustainable. International Child Care partners with the community to advance health and wellness through education, health promotion, child health clinics, immunization programs, traditional birth attendant training, and micro-enterprise projects.

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Microenterprise for Women

Breaking the cycle of poverty can start with one small loan. As an extension of International Child Care's health work, a Micro-Enterprise initiative was developed in the late 1980s to help release women and their children from poverty's grasp. Today, ICC has eleven existing Micro-Enterprise groups, averaging ten women each, as part of the Integrated Community Health Program in northern Haiti and is currently expanding to other regions.

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Rehabilitation for Disabled Children

International Child Care’s Community Based Rehabilitation program sends trained rehabilitation workers, called promotoras, into the homes of children with disabilities who live in and around the city of Santiago, Dominican Republic. The promotoras teach the child’s parents simple exercises that will help the child grow and develop.

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